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Data Set Edition 2023

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The data

  The "data" section contains a table providing SSI scores for indicators at all levels of aggregation. Following the well established vocabulary, the three highly aggregated dimensions Human Wellbeing, Environmental Wellbeing and Economic Wellbeing are divided into seven intermediate categories and twenty one basic indicators. The data are presented in PDF format. On request, an excel sheet can be provided.

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Country charts and tables


The World Perspective

Progress Tracker 1 - Single Entity Charts and Tables

Progress Tracker 2 - Comparative Charts and Tables

Country Comparison Charts and Tables

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The indicators

  The "indicators" section provides a brief description of each of the 21 basic indicators, followed by information on the data source, the target to be met in order to attain the maximum index value (if applicable), and graphical comparisons of world and country grouping averages.

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The background

  The "Background" section offers more details on the SSI scores calculation. The mathematical calculation of each index is shown and the distribution of index values is plotted against the underlying data. With version 2, we follow the same methodologically for data sets of all years.

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last update: 2023/06/25
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