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Welcome to TH Köln, SSI!

The SSI shows at a glance the level of sustainability of countries along three dimensions:

Human wellbeing
Environmental wellbeing
Economic wellbeing

Latest data and analyses

The Sustainable Society Index, a brainchild of Sustainable Society Foundation-founders Geurt van de Kerk and Arthur Manuel, has been published bi-annually for almost two decades by SSF. SSI has become a globally well established source of information for government agencies, non-government organizations, private enterprises, and academia.
colors of TH Köln Previous SSI editions (2006-2016) are available from the SSF website. Responsibility for the latest (2018) edition of SSI has migrated to Technische Hochschule Köln. We very much appreciate the high standards set by SSF - it will be a tall order for us to follow in their footsteps!
colors of TH Köln Wolfgang Veit, TH Köln (Cologne, July 2020)

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With SSI 2018, users of previous editions will recognize the well established methodology known from earlier editions. Only minor changes were introduced, mostly reflecting variations in data sources. However, expert interviews have not been continued to fill gaps left by data sources. Instead, users will now find blank cells wherever statistical data were not available.
colors of TH Köln The overall approach to the understanding of sustainability remains unchanged: the Triple Bottom Line, encompassing the social, ecological and economic dimensions of sustainability, provides the underlying structure for analyses and aggregation of data.

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SSI - Your compass to sustainability

last update: 2021/11/08
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