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The SSI was initially developed by the Dutch Sustainable Society Foundation, namely by Geurt van de Kerk and Arthur Manuel. Between 2006 and 2016 they delivered the SSI every second year for 154 countries/territories (see here). In 2019 TH Köln took over the responsibility for further development and maintenance of the SSI. We developed the SSI for 2018. As for 2019 we added more countries/territories, i. e. the SSI is now available for 213 countries/territories (see here).
colors of TH Köln The SSI was audited by the JRC of the EU in 2012. After that minor changes in structure were made. With SSI version 2, we developed the SSI for all years since 2000 for 213 countries/territories. This data collection opens up an opportunity for cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses.
colors of TH Köln With SSI version 2, users of previous editions will recognize the well established methodology known from earlier editions. Only minor changes were introduced, mostly reflecting variations in data sources. However, expert interviews have not been continued to fill gaps left by data sources. Instead, users will now find blank cells wherever statistical data were not available.

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SSI Version 2 (referred to as V2)

Citation for all material incl. received editable data:
Sustainable Society Index, 2022 Edition, [file name if available] Downloaded [date] from

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SSI Version 1 (referred to as V1)

Citation for all material incl. received editable data:
Sustainable Society Index, Version 1, [file name if available] Downloaded [date] from

Even though V2 would deliver more stable and flawless data for every year since 2000 and for more countries, here, you can access all analyses based on V1 data. We will keep this opportunity here as long as we will support any version of the SSI. Below the analyses section, you will find all available data for SSI V1. Please, take into account, that according to the version 1 terminology e. g. SSI 2018 contains data mainly of year 2016 etc.

Country charts and tables (V1)


The World Perspective (V1)

Progress Tracker 1 - Single Entity Charts and Tables (V1)

Progress Tracker 2 - Comparative Charts and Tables (V1)

Country Comparison Charts and Tables (V1)

SSI 2019 (V1) - data mainly of 2017

Here, you can download different information about the SSI 2019

SSI 2018 (V1) - data mainly of 2016

Here, you can download different information about the SSI 2018

SSI 2006-2016 published by SSF (V1)

Here, you can download a collection of data from SSI 2006 to SSI 2016 (biannual data from mainly 2004 to mainly 2014)

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last update: 2022/05/20
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