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Projected development

From SSI 2018 onwards, SSI editions are hosted by TH Köln under the supervision of professors at TH Köln’s Schmalenbach School of Business, Economics and Law.
colors of TH Köln Cologne is at the center of an international research and policy cluster relevant to sustainability issues. The Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, the German Economic Institute, and last but not least TH Köln’s nineteen academic programs focusing on sustainability provide a stimulating local environment. With German federal ministries, institutions from the field of development cooperation, academia and major UN organizations located in nearby Bonn, the cluster is wide spread and well diversified.
colors of TH Köln Since 2022 SSI versions V2 was published. It delivers time series abilities for data since SSI 2002 on a yearly basis for all countries listed at world bank. At the same time the key advantages of SSI, i. e. its clear focus and ease of use is preserved.
colors of TH KölnAs for the next editions of the SSI we are working on a renewal of some of the indicators while adding indicators for deeper societal and economic analyses. Nevertheless, time series ability will be preserved anyway.
colors of TH Köln Presently, the SSI project is a construction site. Therefore, we welcome all parties interested in analyzing, discussing and developing solutions for global sustainability to join us in our endeavors. We will be happy to share our insights with you and learn from your experiences and would invite you to contact us under the address provided via the link Contact.

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last update: 2023/06/25
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